Monday, May 18, 2009

Key thought from keynote

Keynote panelists, left to right: moderator Steve Dolinsky, ABC 7, Chicago; Joseph Bastianich, B&B Hospitality Group; Daniel Boulud, The Dinex Group; Steve Ells, Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.; Damian Mogavero, Avero LLC; and Sally Smith, Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. (Photo courtesy of NRA)

Chef-restaurateur Daniel Boulud said his latest restaurant, DBGB, which is set to open soon in New York, will be tasked with providing "indulgence on a dime, instead of indulgence on a dollar."

He mentioned that stimulating sales is key today, even at the expense of short-term margins. Like many in the industry, he has lowered some prix-fixe menu pricing and has explored ways to create dishes with less-expensive ingredients.

Boulad was part of today's keynote educational panel involving independent restaurateurs and executives of leading chains. Read more about that presentation at

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